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Meet the Team

Harcourts Property

Mrs. Liana Setiawan

Principal, Harcourts Property


Being a professional property agent is not an easy job, it requires passion, best characters, integrity, chasing for excellence personality, and endless enthusiasm of the job itself.

Years and years experience in the field makes me an expert of property assessment, marketing strategy as well as encountering the diversity of clients' backgrounds. Tons of problematic events happen in the process of transaction give me precious experiences that enhance my knowledge and insights in this very field. It is indeed not an easy task to deal with those challenges if we do not love and be passionate to the job.


Love and devotion to the world of property give me spirit and enthusiasm which enable me giving my finest and exquisite service to all my clients.

It will also be a self satisfaction and rewarding moment when my clients have finally found the property that they need especially those who are happy to find their dream houses.







Ms. Lisda

Sales Consultant


Her name is Lisda, her name is very short and very simple as like her wishes about the life, because she want about the simple things in her need not be complicated in living life.

Women who have studied at the Institute of Business Management, ASMI Pulomas and with the background of working experience in PT. Aman Asri Chemical Industry, PT. Varia Baru, PT. Koya Entomo, PT. Lovina Garment Bali as an accounting for him is not a problem to plunge in the world of property because to be a successful person must live and enjoy everything that is done.












Mrs. Vivi

Sales Consultant


Started as a sales consultant real estate since 2018, becoming a real estate sales consultant is a very fun profession and always excited because in addition to adding relationships and earn a pretty interesting income. I live and breathe real estate and genuinely love what I do.
















Mr. Donny

Sales Consultant


The Agent that you choose to sell your property will have a huge impact on the results that you achieve. The following will give you some background on my experience and an insight to what I believe can help you achieve a good result.
I am straightforward and honest and enjoy maintaining good working relationships with my clients, providing excellent feedback. I am results driven and will protect your interest as if they were my own, and enjoy every aspect of getting the job done. I will only make one promise. That is to work hard for you














Mrs. Nana

Sales Consultant


Her name is short mardiana. But everyday, he is familiar called nana. Working in a real estate company, Nana claimed to feel fit and comfortable. Because the field that I handle makes me have to keep in  touch out and meet with many people. All that makes my insight and my experience wider "said the woman who once worked as marketing manager of PT Ligamas Hunian Sejahtera, Builders Ligamas Regions area in Tangerang.

That's why alumnus of Mercubuana University Department of Management this is quite understand the ins and outs of housing. Now every agent property should be able to provide the best service to the consumer