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Synthesis Residence Kemang

Synthesis Residence Kemang – Celebrating Peace




Synthesis Residence Kemang is an exclusive apartment with ethnic modern Javanese design concept, applied to the interior and exterior of the building

The exterior of the apartment building ornamented with Batik Kawung ,where the kawung motifs are arranged geometrically in rectangles, which in the past were believed to be used by the royal family.

Synthesis Residence Kemang conducted on an area of 2 hectares, will consist of 3 towers named Nakula, Sadewa and Arjuna. Regarding the Javanese ethnic concept that is implied on the Nakula and Sadewa towers there is a main lobby area that is designed as appropriate Pendopo with a Joglo shape. Joglo is a traditional Javanese house usually reserved for aristocrats. In front of the lobby there is a statue of Bancak Doyok, Created by Wahyu Sentosa – craft artist from Central Java.

In addition, to meet the needs of the green open area for its residents, 60% of this area will become garden and facility area with the theme of the Tirta Astana Garden. This comprehensive blend that gives the impression of Nobility at the Residence Synthesis Kemang.