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Effective Real Estate Photography

Effective Real Estate Photography





Choose the right timing.


Enlist the expertise of a skilled photographer to capture your home in its best light. 

When scheduling the photo shoot, be sure to point out the direction your house is facing as well as consider the upcoming weather forecast if at all possible. These factors should play into the day and time the pictures are shot.


Another type of shot to consider are dawn or dusk photos. While these may prove cost-prohibitive, they can also really help your house to stand out among the plethora of other standard daylight pictures your competition will employ. “Since twilight photography is really for property exteriors, it's the perfect time to show off landscapes and lighting features, as well as sneak in an amazing sunset backdrop.


Aerial photography.


Drone and other aerial photography is really gaining steam to not only capture unique angles for pictures, but to create stunning video virtual tours. As in many aspects of our lives, drones are sure to have a major impact on the way we preview houses in the coming years.


Location, location, location.


Many times we're so focused on getting the perfect shots of the house we forget to include pictures of important neighborhood amenities. While this can be tricky considering a limited number of photos allowed, it is important potential buyers learn about the area surrounding the house they're considering.



Be sure to highlight such amenities as pools, playgrounds, walking trails and more. You can also create a mental connection for the buyer with close commuter connections such as train stations as well as nearby shopping centers.